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IGUDESMAN & JOO: “A Little Nightmare Music”

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 8:00 PM
Irvine Barclay Theatre

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Concert generously sponsored by Elaine and Carl Neuss

Eclectic Orange Series Sponsors: Judith and Howard Jelinek
Additional support from Bette and Wylie Aitken

Just when you thought it was safe…

The concert begins. The music is sublime. Not even a pin would dare drop. Suddenly, a cell phone rings and the madness starts. The pianist loses his hand, the violinist, while tuning, falls asleep, and later wakes up in the middle of a motorway, transformed into a “Riverdancer.” When the pianist returns, the piano is locked, telling him to insert his credit card. He just talks on the phone while reading a paper, eating, and playing the piano upside down all at the same time. These and many other “nightmares” unfold before audiences’ eyes and ears.

IGUDESMAN & JOO have received acclaim for their interpretation of a concert night from audiences all over the world. The show has reached thousands in concert halls ranging from the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall in the West, Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Philharmonie Berlin, to Hong Kong City Hall Theatre in the East.

“A Little Nightmare Music” is a unique show, full of virtuosity, enchanting music and zany, outrageous humor. Ideal for audiences aged 8 to 88, this show is sure to captivate you and crack you up whether you’re a classical music enthusiast or the type who runs for cover at the mere mention of Mozart.


Aleksey Igudesman, violin
Hyung-ki Joo, piano

Concert Program

"A Little Nightmare Music"

Pre-Concert Lecture

There is no pre-concert lecture currently scheduled for this concert.

Education Program

"8 to 88" (Watch the program trailer.)

Tues, February 17 @ 10am and 1pm
Irvine Barclay Theatre

A unique education program designed for any musician who wishes to widen his or her horizons and approaches to creating, learning, rehearsing, and performing music.

"8 to 88" explores often-ignored and less-practiced aspects of music making and encourages musicians to be more open to such aspects, which may include improvisation, choreography, theatricality, psychology of performance, stage manner and presentation, different styles of music, classical and non-classical rhythm, composition, dramaturgy, and humor. Bring your instruments!

FREE to attend, and open to the public. RSVP by emailing


Official Trailer for "A Little Nightmare Music"

Igudesman & Joo's "I Will Survive"

Igudesman & Joo's Alla Molto Turca

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